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Reintroducing Monigue and Peter as one of the returning features from last year.
Join Peter and Monique as we welcome in all your delightful pieces, ones that may have been forgotten, will all have a chance to come out and play at this one of a kind playshop.

Join us in making time for yourself, taking time to awaken, explore and inspire the sacred within, unlocking an unfathomable spirit that connects us to the entire universe .


My name is Guy, I will be your ‘Dance Tour Guyde’, inviting you to see and experience your Magic, your depth, your Grace-full Flow, reminding you of the wonder, the profundity, the magnificence, encouraging empowerment, release and forgiveness, creativity and Creatorship…

I’ve been facilitating Dance groups for over 17 years, and have been passionately enquiring into the open Hearted honesty of our Human experience since I was very young.


With her rich experiences as a careful girl, wild woman and wise lady, she brings a Soulful & Soulsexy way to touch people with her high quality work and with her loving and sparkling personality.

How does essence lead a daily life? The answer she found: by being a True Lover and living a Tantric Life.


Signe V. Bentzen, M.A., is certicied as a sexologist, couples therapist, and has degree in Omni therapy (body-mind theapy). For more than a decade she has been supporting couples and singles to heal and expand their relational and sexual life.

In the later years she has dived futher into tantric practices, explored shamanism and Omni therapy as a path to personal growth as well as gateways for clients, readers and the participants to find intimacy and sexuality within themselves and with their partners.


Tomas har siden 2007 faciliteret mandegrupper, holdt workshops og kurser, bl.a. “Få nosserne tilbage”, “Giv dit liv retning mand”, haft Bubber med på kursus i skoven – og selv været på Vision Quest.

Tomas har studeret / trænet med / ladet sig inspirere af blandt andre Alex Vartman, Car-Mar Møller, David Fabricius, Eli Buren, London Fairie, Ole Vadum Dahl, The Mankind Project og mange andre.

Fernando Manrique
Fernando Manrique MA

Fernando from Morocco, is pretty unknown in these parts of the world, except if you come in CHAI in Copenhagen where he is one of the teachers on the tantric massage education there.

He is a trained therapist and doctor. He will be leading the EMO team this year and meditation each morning.


AUM meditation er en 2 ½ time lang social meditation, som består af 13 forskellige trin > Læs mere...
Lev, dans og bevæg dig igennem forkellige følelser!

En unik oplevelse hvor du:
- Finder mere af din styrke og kraft.
- Frigører dine følelser af konflikt og spændinger.
- Skaber venskab og kærlighed i dit liv.


Diana and Martin is well known in Denmark for their work in C.H.A.I. in Copenhagen. From there, they spread the feeling of love through workshops, tantra massage and their tantra massage therapisk education.

Their experience dates years back, and they have been participation in many festivals as well. They are one of the tantric communities corner stones in Denmark today and we are please of their presence in the festival, which will bring lots of people smile on their faces and their heart.


She is deeply inspired by Marshall B. Rosenberg and his compassionately way of connecting people. After many years of facilitating workshops with communications, she now combines her knowing about non-violent communication and tantra.

Her strength is to let go and let spirit take over, delivering whatever the participants are ready to receive.


Kelvin works primarily in the western part of Denmark and facilitates C.H.A.I. Aarhus. He also works as a Tantric Massage Therapist and belives that learning must come from the boby.

Said about Kelvin: He has deep respect for the individual and quickly adapts his guidance to the energy in the room, always finding new ways to challenge us at the appropriate level - and always ready to catch us if we get in too deep.

Tuesday Friday
14:00 Registration 8:00 Qigong/Meditation
16:00 Opening Ceremony 9:00 Breakfast
18:00 Dinner 10:30 Gathering

Cuddle Party - Monique & Peter

11:30 Workshop (TBA)
    13:30 Lunch
  Wednesday 14:30 Sharing groups
8:00 Qigong/Meditation 15:30

The Warrior and the Lover (for men) - Tomas Friis

Art of adoration (for women) - Monique Darling

9:00 Breakfast 18:30 Dinner
10:30 Gathering 20:00 Puja - Monique Darling

Shivas Cave (for men) - Martin & Fernando

Yoniversal Wisdom (for women) - Diana Diakova

  Good night
13:30 Lunch    
14:30 Sharing groups    

Tribal Healing - Signe V. Bentzen

Tantric Kinbaku - Kelvin Varst

18:30 Dinner 8:00 Qigong/Meditation

Dancing Heart Path Journey - Guy Barrington

9:00 Breakfast
  Good night 10:30 Gathering
    11:30 Workshop (TBA)
    13:30 Lunch
Thursday 14:30 Sharing groups
8:00 Qigong/Meditation 15:30 Element of surpirse - Peter Petersen
9:00 Breakfast 18:30 Dinner
10:30 Gathering 19:00 Celebration of Love Party

Dancing Heart Path Journey on Power, Presence & Pleasure - Guy Barrington

13:30 Lunch Sunday
14:30 Sharing groups 9:00 Qigong/Meditation

AUM Meditation - AUM Team

Healing Touch - Katarina Jørgensen

10:00 Brunch
18:30 Dinner 11:30 Sharing groups

Art of Touch - Sandra Pijl

12:30 Closing Ceremony
  Good night 14:00 See you next year
Program as it looks July 11th
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Tantric Summer is a Tantra Festival organized in the spirit of C.H.A.I.

Most workshops will be in English due to the international crowd.

Warning: This experience will open your heart


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