We need some volunteers to help out on the festival, your get the ticket cheaper, but you need to work too.


The below prices include festival fee, vegetarian food, workshops & koncerts, plus 3x3m camp ground for a tent.

Options pr person
Look at the normal rates for participants  

*: Remember your own towels and bedsheets/sleeping bag


Work areas

If you prefer to work a bit during the festival and save some money or be a part of the volunteer group, that will find a close connection working together, don't hesitate to write or call us to hear more.

Volunteers will arrive Monday at 4pm latest and help beutifying the place. This also makes it possible for everyone to know the place and each other, getting the same intro and make sure the duty roster is well known for everyone.

We expect approx 3 hours of work each day. The work will be primarily be in the kitchen, but also cleaning and make sure that the center is a nice place to be.

There is a need for 15 volunteers in total.

Payment info

When you are approved as a volunteer and your work area is agreed, you will get payment info in the welcome mail we will send you.


HeartAdditional info

  • You need to be above 18 year ols to participate in the festival.
  • There is only a limited number of volunteer seats and indoor rooms.
  • Prices include food, workshops, emotional support and a lot of fun
  • You can buy the, coffee, snacks and a cake in the festival Café
Write us a mail, if you have any questions or want to apply to be a volunteer