Guy Barrington - is an Englishman, a Father, a Dancer, a Lover of Life. His Work is a natural extension of what he has realised and is good medicine for himself and others. It is offered in a good spirit to awaken, encourage,empower, enrich, inspire and enliven our Existence..."

His Dancing Heart Path exists to inspire Life through dance, through communication, through deepening in connection with yourself, others, the Earth. In so doing we feel more able and equipped to share our gifts, talents, skills with HEART out into the world...

‘The Dancing Heart Path’ currently offer Workshops, Ceremonies in Czech Republic, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Southern Ireland, Germany and UK.

You can find out more about Guy’s indepth 2 year School / Training ‘’The Dancing Heart Path – Modern Mystery School & Facilitator Training’


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"During these Journeys I integrate Work from 17 year’s experience in the fields of Shamanism, Tantra, Dance liberation and expression processes, Conscious relating, Meditation, Healing and Energy Work, moving with the unfolding flow of intuition...

There will be an initial spoken introduction. Then we warm up our bodies, awaken our senses, shaking free and empowering the Life Force in us, work with our breath and energetic connections to the themed Intention of the Journey.

Then we enter more fully into the Dancing Heart Path Journey with an empowered opening Heart, clear focus and Tribal support...

Towards the end you will be invited to lie down and receive the beat of the Shamanic Medicine Drum...

Then we will close with a gentle awakening dance to rise from the Dreamtime, and gather in a circle as our Dancing Tribe...

Our Dancing Heart Path Journey invites you to discover the strength of your Heart returning Home, cutting through the layers of delusion, distortion, condition, returning, returning back to Original Source, to innate Nature, to Natural Being, before all the compulsion to be something else, something other, somewhere else.

The yearning, the longing for Love is buried within each one of us. It is the Heart that inspires, that calls, that invites us to see beyond the appearance, beyond the story, beyond the judgement.

It is the Heart that offers healing, tenderness, kindness, compassion.

It is the Heart that reaches out and continues to reach out no matter what.

And this Heart is US, the undiscovered land, the hope and the promise, the wish, the dream and the living pulsing fulfilment of Love

And the beauty is, it is already us, already here, already now, simply buried under a few layers of distracting beliefs. The hidden treasure is ours to claim, to Be, to realize, to see out from and through again.

The Journey is not over there, some other place, for some other time. It is righty now, available in Presence, when we look and listen in deep, quieten down and allow ourselves to feel and Be Real again.

From here, the Sacred Dance emerges.....

We shall be dancing with a living inquiry as to what is means to Be truely prosperous on all levels, to live a full and rich Existence, full of value and worth, full of feeling and sensation, energy and vision, connection, Love and friendship, to discover deeply that we are born from the same Abundance Fountain that is The Source Energy of Life."



Blisstatic Dance’ is an opportunity to express yourSelf with amazing music, to allow the river of sound to inspire movement, to release and transform energy, to feel empowered in your dance creativity. In this alcohol & drug free space, Consciousness and Energy manifest as we wake up to the power of our dance on this conscious dancefloor and in our lives.

In some moments of the Dance Flow you may want to be alone, in other moments, you may wish to connect and dance in 2’s, 3’s or weave your dance through the whole group.

Blisstatic Dance is a non verbal movement space which invites us to listen carefully through feeling and sensation, to communicate respectfully through our expression, honouring our own and other’s space, wishes and wants, so everybody has the experience they choose to have. Non verbal communication is lush, non conceptual, not constrained by past or future, yet felt fully through Presence, presented as our living vibrating Dance Gifts!

The purpose of the lying down ‘Shamanic Drum Journey’ at the end is to rest, integrate and discover the wonder and gratitude for yourself, the music, Life, for having moved in whichever way you have.

Hugs are of course optional, and yummy if you feel open to give and receive them.


And, the closing Circle at the end may have a brief verbal space to acknowledge your experience and is an opening if there are any announcements to be made, and to give some hugs.

It’s a great Joy for me to be able to share this space and the music I have and am discovering, as Dj Colibri, I will be offering awesome tunes from all sorts of genres to provide you with an open (unguided) dancefloor to liberate, express and enjoy yourself in the good company of others. I'll be playing some eclectic, yet flowing, multi-various, multidimensional tunes from around the world, blending in Bright uplifting Electro rhythms with African drum beats, through to Brazilian and Arabian mixes, weaving in some ambient melt down and more...

These musical set will offer bridges between Earth and Sky, from our roots to our branches, from our physical 'ground' to our Heart 'Ground'...inviting passion, power, pleasure, devotion, expression...

For the last 15 - 20 minutes, I invite you to lie down, to melt into the floor and receive the deep rest of my Shamanic drum. I look forwards to share these rapturous, expansive sonic tapestry Dance Journeys with you all.

With BIG HUG from my Hummingbird (Colibri) Heart"