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Guy Barrington

United Kingdom

YouTube Channel

Guy Barrington – is an Englishman, a Father, a Dancer, a Lover of Life. His Work is a natural extension of what he has realised and is good medicine for himself and others. It is offered in a good spirit to awaken, encourage,empower, enrich, inspire and enliven our Existence…”

His Dancing Heart Path exists to inspire Life through dance, through communication, through deepening in connection with yourself, others, the Earth. In so doing we feel more able and equipped to share our gifts, talents, skills with HEART out into the world…

‘The Dancing Heart Path’ currently offer Workshops, Ceremonies in Czech Republic, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Southern Ireland, Germany and UK.

You can find out more about Guy’s indepth 2 year School / Training ‘’The Dancing Heart Path – Modern Mystery School & Facilitator Training’