Møn Retreat Center

Guidelines & Ethical Standards for Tantric Summer Festival at Møn

The Tantric Summer Festival at Møn is held in the CHAI tradition. You can choose many ways into tantra, and CHAI  – Conscious Heart Awakening Institute – is founded by Diana Diakova Delight and Martin Heese and held in a tradition built on conscious heart opening and healthy boundaries. 

No boundaries are to be crossed, as CHAI works with expansion of our boundaries as a fine balance of stepping out of one’s comfort zone and feeling the thrill of life in doing so. The CHAI tradition is a way of practising tantric living and loving in our everyday life incorporating both our masculine and feminine essences, and not only during workshops, but by meeting people with trust instead of fear, being authentic, raw and empowered by saying no and yes to ourselves, sharing and talking from our hearts, embracing healing through pleasure instead of suffering, and surrendering to an abundant life with all its roller coaster rides – knowing that we are all love. 

No penetration or exchange of bodily fluids will take place, nudity is voluntary, and if genital touch is part of the workshop, latex gloves are used unless your are working with an intimate partner. 

People of all gender, sexual orientation, race, nationality, social and financial status are welcome. The tradition and thereby also the festival is free of alcohol and drugs. 

CHAI is known for Melting Mondays, Melting for Lovers, Body Temple, TantraLab, Yoniversal Wisdom and many other workshops, and the Institute has guest teachers from all over the world. Diana and Martin are both in a dynamic and continous process of life long education, training, learning and practise. CHAI is situated in Copenhagen and work closely together with Kelvin Varst in Jyllland. Kelvin ha- recently opened BuddhiHouse in Århus and offers a variety of workshops every single week.

Facilitator Standards:

Facilitators at Tantric Summer Festival at Møn are professionals with many years of training in tantric traditions. They all acknowledge that tantric training is a lifelong process of truthfullness, compassion, respect, conscious intimacy, sexual healing, and of how to love and be love(d). They guide participants into their bodies and from the body into their hearts in order to come home and explore their authentic selves.

The facilitators hold space and support participants during the workshops. Individual sessions and therapy can be offered outside workshops, but you will need to bring all necessary equipment yourself.

All information about and sharings from participants are confidential.

Facilitators have their own sharing group that meet every day.

Facilitator – Participant Relationship

The relationship between facilitator and participant is based on trust and respect. A sexual relationship or hands-on teaching between facilitator and participant is not appropriate. Romantic or sexual relationships during workshops or at private sessions during the festival will not take place. 

Angles (Volunteers)

At Tantric Summer Festival at Møn you can take part at a reduced price on the festival ticket by being part of the Angle Team. You still need to pay for a room, a bed in the dormitory or bring your own tent. You work shifts every day for 4 hours in the kitchen, cleaning, or at the information desk. The Angle Coordinator will support and inform you during your stay, and will organize  the teamwork. You can work out with the coordinator whether you prefer morning, afternoon or evening shifts. Note that you need to take part in the information meeting prior to the festival on Monday, and that the departure day on Sunday also is a working day, where you are expected to help out before lunch and in cleaning up after the festival.

Angles have their own sharing group that meet every day.


When you think about taking part in the Tantric Summer Festival find your intention with attending the retreat. What are your expectations? Don’t expect therapy, even though facilitators of course will hold space and support your experiences. How do you self-regulate during the festival, so you don’t just get sucked into the energy and end up re-traumatized, when you are back home again? Beforehand, consider your boundaries and your no’s, so you don’t fall into the trap of peer pressure in order to fit in or to avoid the shame of being a wallflower. At the Tantric Summer Festival you practise saying no and by doing so, yes to yourself. It is absolutely not about staying open all the time – on the contrary, you practise opening and closing, listening to your body at any moment, checking in with yourself, if it is okay or not. 

Ask yourself, if you are aware of wounds and/or sexual assault in your life that could be triggered during the workshops? Do you have support at home after the festival to integrate your experiences, so you don’t end up re-traumatised? Healing can take place at the workshops, if you are conscious about your wounds and have done or are doing therapy, but don’t put your life in the hands of the facilitators, as they are not gurues. We all as human beings have unresolved, solved or party solved traumas, and therefore we practise love and acceptance of ourselves through self-care, asking for support, receiving the support, and going to therapy. So, how do you cope with the rollercoaster of life before, during and after the Tantric Summer Festival?

During the festival each participant is expected to take part in a sharing group that meet every day


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