Tantric Summer 2018


Let Love Flow!

The world would be better place to be if we all opened our heart and had the capacity to take responsibilities of our own doing and being. On this festival we focus on this path walking the tantric way, like many have done before us. Enjoying life is one of many goals in life that many wish for. We will spend an entire week reminding our selves of that goal, meeting other people from a deep place in our heart, pushing our selves out of the comfort zone and experience life from a place full of bubbles, joy and passion.

You’re invited…

You are invited to a festival that flows in the wind, taps power from the ocean waves, energizes from the sun and is grounded in the earth. Regardless of this being your first step into tantra or you are an experienced tantric soul, the space we create is held by experienced teachers from different parts of the world. There is room to be yourself, talk with others in the café, date someone in the cuddle room, dance in the rain or sunset, go for a dip in the ocean, walking in the forest or whatever you feel like.


The Conscious Heart Awakening International (C.H.A.I.) Tantra Festival in Denmark

We are all born with a capacity to love and relate to others with an open heart, having no expectations, no holding back, and no agenda. We just need to find back to the roots of our being; increase our awareness and find realms we trust. All it takes is practice and support.


This is one of the things we do best

The theme for this year is “Intimate Relations”, and we invite you to play along both as a receiver and giver, but foremost touching yourself deep in your heart. We have workshops planned that will teach you or support you to be a better and deeper receiver and giver, plus supporting these roles by dancing, eye gazing, emotional expressions, surrendering into the known and unknown. Focus on how to Love another as they are, be as you are; not how you want to be, and feel a deeper level of intimacy, a new way of living closer to your essence.

Your path

“Intimate Relations”


The theme opens for both looking inside and outside yourself. The tantric life is all about consciousness and there are so many angles and paths to that state, and we will focus on the heart path, supporting and encouraging you to opening your heart in different ways.


The heart is the home of your deep emotions and how wonderful it is feeling joy and happiness. Deep emotions are however more than emotions you like, there are also emotions that society have stamped as bad emotions, so anger, disgust, sorrow will also show up side by side with bliss and happiness. Let’s embrace all our emotions.


All emotions are positive! We will do what we can to support you in whatever you experience. We form sharing groups; a small group of fellow participants that each day share what is going on inside. We also have a professional emotional support team that is ready to talk to you. Most importantly, however, is your capacity to reach out for help. Safety


It is important that you can feel safe at the festival. In addition to having competent workshop leaders, there are daily sharing groups and an emotional support team. All participants will also approve of the agreements not to use alcohol or other drugs. All that happens during the festival, including who participates, is confidential. The atmosphere between the participants tends to be very supportive, friendly, respectful, and including.



There will be multiple workshops and the program can be changed with a short notice, so please read the proposed program, be inspired and open for something else to happen. All workshop leaders have years of experience and can easily change a workshop to fit the group that participates, and that way make it a good experience for everybody. Sometimes you must select between two workshops that run parallel, and maybe you want to experience both, that’s life in a nutshell. Follow your heart, and your heart will choose one over the other which makes it easier for you.

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